Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Things: Prunes and Flowers

1. Prunes
I love prunes. Love. Them. I never used to when I was small. Probably because my mom made me drink prune juice when I had a bladder infection in preschool. I was excited when the doctor prescribed prune juice, because I was only allowed to drink one glass of juice in the morning. I thought I was going to get away with more juice-drinking. I even remember being in Jewel Osco and picking it out with my mom. But then I tasted it. I hated it.

Somehow I have undergone a change of heart. I love how sticky and squishy prunes are. I eat two or three with breakfast and it has become a highlight of my day. Is it sad that Prune Time is my favourite part of the day?

2. Mason Jar of Flowers
Every morning I look at these flowers and they make me heart sing. My roommate and I have been maintaining this since the first day we got here. When one of use feels like the flowers are getting too wilty we bring back some more. Where do we get the flowers? Well...Let's just say we steal them from the campus flowers beds. 

I know what you are saying right now: "Lucy Rose! How could you steal flowers?! Don't you attend a Christian college?" Here's what I say to that: "My family pays a lot of money for me to be at this school. It is no laughing matter. And I will proudly pluck the flowers from the beds that my family's money has helped to maintain. So there!"

3. Vintage Tote 
I already posted about this bag which I found on a thrift store expedition. It has now been with me for almost a week and I have been able to assess it's qualities. It is a great size for my school stuff (clipboard, book, pens, phone, water-bottle, snack). It is very structured and in great condition. I love the colour, because it makes me feel 70's for some reason. 


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