Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When Everything Goes Wrong

Every few weeks I have a Day of Crisis. On that day I lose three or four crucial things like my phone or my passport. I almost always bump into someone or something. And if I am lucky I say something terribly inappropriate in a social situation and make loads of enemies.

Today was that day. I lost my college ID card. It not only gets me into my apartment, but I need it to get into the dining hall, check out library books and use the gym. Because I lost my ID I was not able to return to my apartment and retrieve my wallet, which I had left there. I had to tell the young man at the register in the college bookstore that I could not pay for my books.

Later in the day I also managed to delete about eight blog posts. I did it while I was sitting on the toilet checking the blogging application on my phone. I accidentally clicked "Delete" and watched hours of work get flushed away.
Of course I didn't literally flush my posts down the toilet I was sitting on, but it was a dreadful sinking feeling. Later I managed to retrieve them using this helpful blogger's advice. But I am still bummed that I lost the comments that my dear readers made.

I can usually attribute Days of Crisis to PMS. I somehow get even more scatterbrained before my period. DOC always make me feel like I am living a very precarious life. Everything can go into a nosedive by the misplacement of a sliver of plastic or a scrap of paper.

I am the kind of person who barely manages to keep track of the clothes on their back. In fact, when I have a piece of clothing that isn't attached to my body then I will lose it. This often happens with jackets and sweaters. I didn't think it was possible for someone with as poor eyesight as me, but lately I have even begun to misplace my glasses. This is ridiculous, because I can't see anything without them so I rarely take them off. Imagine trying to find your glasses when you can't see anything.

As I walked home today with no wallet, no ID card and no blog posts I thought, "Wow. I am surprised I still have my phone and the car keys for the family I babysit!" I also thought, "Dear Jesus, please help me find these things." Losing this stuff helped me to remember to talk to God in the course of my day instead of just at the beginning during my devotional time.

I hope you find whatever you lost today.

Lucy Rose

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