Friday, April 5, 2013

The Small Things or How I lost My Keys, Portfolio and Wallet Within a 24 Hour Period

"If I were God I would not concern myself with the small things."

My roommate said this in a conversation we had in the tram. I disagreed and said that one of the things I love most about God, is that he does care about the small things. I mentioned the verse in Matthew 10:29-30 which says: "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care." I also told her about how I believe so thoroughly in God concerning himself with our little cares, that that very day I had prayed before shopping for pants. God does not think that is silly. He wants me to find good pants!

Our dialogue on this topic continued throughout the day, until I realised that I had forgotten my keys at home. This meant that I had to leave Ostrava (the city where I go to school and live during the week) and return by train to my home in Frýdlant to get them. I left my portfolio with my term project in it on the train. While I was running all over town trying to get my portfolio back I lost my wallet.

I got my portfolio back. God answered the prayer that I would be reunited with it. He also answered my prayer that the ladies at the train station would be kind. It is not the first time I have left things on trains and I have had bad train lady experiences.

I returned to the city and to my roommate with no wallet after just having told her how much God cares about our tiny troubles. I stood in front of her empty handed and without much hope of finding it. I said, "Well Michaela, I am trusting that God knows what happened to my wallet and that it He is not indifferent." But I felt very nervous. What if God did not return it?

Today I stayed home from school, anticipating a day spent in reapplying for my drivers licence, visa, credit card and Krav Maga membership card (this was actually the document I was most sad to loose). Before I left to tramp all over town in the snow, my mom prayed for me. As an after thought on my way out the door, she told me to check the police station. I said, "Really? That probably wont be any help, but if you say so..."

My wallet was at the police station. Someone had turned it in. All of my documents were there, even if none of my money was. It was dirty and wet and so was everything inside, but it was there.

In a week where I managed to loose my keys, my portfolio and my wallet, God never took His eyes off me or the various possessions I had strewn all over town. I cannot wait for Monday when I tell my roommate the story of how He cares about the details.

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