Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Clean Your College Apartment

Today one of my three roommates, Leya, texted that she has been unable to function well in the mess of our apartment. She asked if we could pitch in to do some clean up today. When I got home I started right in with the help of another roommate, Hannah. Hannah and I are highly verbal and creative people. We do not excel in the realm of organisation and tidiness. Our cleaning process would appear to the naked eye like a messy-ing process. 

I started on the bathroom and emptied out the trash and swept all the crud off the floor and into the kitchen, where Hannah was busy tidying our plant collection and sweeping leaves from the window sill to the floor. I paused my sweeping in order to help Hannah with the plants and ended up spilling dirt all over the stove and floor. This got us laughing about how good it was that Leya was not there to witness our "cleaning" efforts. 

LR: If Leya saw all the dirt on the stove, she might not ever want to use it again.
Hannah: Well, that wouldn't be a problem, because you know what that would mean, right?
LR: What?
Hannah: More stove-time for us.
LR: Oh wow. Imagine what we could accomplish with all of that extra stove time.
Hannah: Can you imagine a mother taking away her rebellious teen's 'stove time'?
LR: Haha, yeah. 'Sorry, Angela I am going to have to restrict your stove-time. No more sautéing for you!

Such hilarity you can only imagine. That was the kind of fun that happened this afternoon. I actually did end up cleaning the bathroom and floors. I also swept the dirt off the stove. Leya will never know.  But in all seriousness, she is a very chill lady. So if she did know about the mud on the stove she would probably not care.