Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What Are Your Daily Rituals?

Brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. Going to sleep listening to a Wilkie Collins novel on audio and then having your roommate turn it off when she goes to bed an hour after you. Always taking three napkins at the restaurant and putting one in your pocket for future nose-blowing. These are the tiny rituals that we weave unconsciously into our daily lives. What are yours? What are mine? What are they good for? Today I want to talk about a couple of my own. I would love if your guys could leave some of yours in the comments below. I wan tto know what strnage ahbits you guys have!


Morning Ritual
Breakfast. This seems ovious. It is kind of like, "Duh, Lucy Rose. Breakfast is not a unique or exciting ritual, because it is a meal that everyone eats." But I think that we all know that is not true. I am looking at you, High School Babies. You guys especially don't eat breakfast. No, this is not meant to be a sermon about why you should. For me breakfast is important because I often get low-blood-sugar. This means that if I don't eat for a while I start to get shaky and headache-y. So I like to take my time with breakfast. I always have one source of protein and either tea or coffee. If I oversleep I take a jar of peanut butter from the cupboard and a spoon and eat a few spoonfuls during class. Things do not tend to go very well if I do not get protein in the morning.

Afternoon Ritual
Coffee after babysitting. I babysit for about two hours everyday for three brothers ages high-school freshman to third grader. After I say goodbye to them I usually like to bike or walk down to my favourite coffee shop. I have a cup of coffee and a scone (sometimes just coffee, if I am feeling poor). I usually try to do homework, but I tend to just end up blogging, like right now. I am sitting there right now, actually. Haha. I already ate my scone in about five bites. Anyway, I like this ritual, because it gives me caffeine for the rest of the evening. In college life one's work day tends to wind down at around 12 PM so I can always use the boost. I also like that I can get off campus for a few hours, because in my little suburban-situated school one can start to feel a little trapped.

Evening Ritual
I love to go to bed listening to an audiobook. I have been working my way through The woman in White audiobook over the past two months. I listen to it as I go to sleep and then when my roommate comes to bed she kindly turns it off so that it doesn't continue to play all night long. It is a 25 hour audiobook. Wow. But it is a great romp full of romance, evil baddies and detective work. I think I started to listen to things when I was going to sleep when I got my first CD player and tape player when I was 12. I would play a 25 minute Adventures in Odyssey episode as I was getting into bed and the sounds would lull me to sleep.

Well, Friends, those are some of mine. What are yours?



  1. Before I go to bed I read some of my favorite blogs like now... and I never go to bed without " termofor " it´s in Czech in Engl I think hot water bottle... to warm up my always could feet in the bed....Lucy thanks a lot for your inspiration with audiobook... casto mam problem s usinanim a to by mohla byt help! a musi to byt strasne prijemne to poslouchani...
    Moc dekuji za tvuj koment a hlas pro muj blog!!!! Pamatuji si, jak jsi chodila ke me do kavarny, jooo to byly casy :))). Love Inka

    1. Haha! Termofor is a word I had never heard in Czech, even though we use them too! I hope audiobooks might help your fitful sleep. My mother has that problem too.

      Moc ráda si taky vzpominám na tvou milou kavárnu. Tam jsem strávila několik krásných chvil. Dokonce jsem měla spoustu důležitých setkání tam. Do teď nemůžu kolem toho chodit bez emocí.

      <3 Lucy

  2. Some of mine include not eating breakfast, not starting homework until 9, generally procrastinating, lol :-)

  3. Oh I love this post Lucy Rose! rituals. Morning: putting on earrings, even if I don't put on make-up! I never leave the house without them! Afternoon: a walk with Kaylee, if I'm home, if the weather is nice. I'm a fair weather walker. :) But I do like to think it's a ritual. Evening: never ever going to bed without talking to Uncle Dave for at least a half hour, also known as my dear husband! :) I hope others leave their comments for you!

    1. Interesting! I am the opposite and would definitely wear makeup rather than earrings!

      Love the walk. What a sweet and soothing thing to do.

      The last one is so good. I love knowing that you guys communicate like that. Greetings to Uncle Dave! Can't wait for him to come to chapel!

      <3 Lucy Rose

  4. Mmm...I like thinking about these kinds of things. It's somewhat comforting to know there are little routines that we each have! One of my favorite morning rituals this semester is walking to class and staring at the skyline while the sun peaks out from behind the buildings. Sometimes I pass the flags we have outside of one of our classroom buildings and I pray for a friend who just moved to South Africa, represented in one of the 7 flags chosen for this semester! Oh, and twice a week I pray with a friend before class, and it's absolutely the best way to start my day. Afternoon: I love eating lunch out of my big white porcelain bowl. I mix and match what I have in the fridge to make a salad or rice bowl. I eat it sitting on my couch usually at the time when the sun is streaming into my apartment. Evening: I turn my phone on airplane mode because I hate getting texts that wake me or the roomies up at night (an issue when mom is 7 hours ahead!). I'm almost always the first one of the roomies to go to bed, so I love climbing up on my bunk bed and then reaching far down to hit the light switch from my bed. And there's the long answer to your question, Lucy!

    1. This must have taken you a few minutes to write and I really appreciate your doing so. Thank you for thinking about this and sharing snippets of your lovely life, Claire.

      I love picturing you going about your week doing these things. I especially like the flag one. I also try to incorporate signals to pray during my day. For instance on the walk to babysitting each day I pray for the boys as I walk down a specific street. I can't walk down that street now without thinking of them!

      Interesting how one of your favourite rituals is turning off the light. What about that is so satisfying to you? Is it the darkness?

      Love you,
      Lucy Rose