Saturday, October 10, 2015

Worried Martha Stewart

Dear Friends,

I messed up. I disappeared from my blog. I even missed an episode of the much-beloved Three Things Series. I feel terrible.

I have received several letters regarding my disappearance from the interwebs. People have been genuinely concerned. I felt touched by these attempts to reach out to me. Thank you for all the kind letters and the gifts of cookies and American Girl dolls that you sent. A blogger loves to know that she is missed. One of the letters said this:

Oct. 6th 2015
Dear Lucy Rose,

Are you OK? You haven't posted for so long. Not only is it hard for me to get 
through my week without reading your charming blog posts, 
but I am also worried about your health. Please check in to let us know your good. 
If you are sick check my website for how to make a cozy throat warmer from egg cartons. 

Martha Stewart

I must say that it was a true joy to discover that Ms. Stewart is one of my biggest fans. But it was also nice to know that you all care.

Just kidding. None of you care. None of you asked where I went. None. Of. You. I have taken this to mean that you do not care about me. Fine. I get it. I betrayed your trust. I did not post when you thought that I would.

Alright! Enough of the dripping sarcasm. This is what happened: I got swamped with midterms and paper writing. It was one of those things where I felt like I had to choose between doing my schoolwork well or doing my blog well or doing both poorly. So I chose to not worry about blogging for a week and just focus on surviving school. I think that some of you who read this are fellow-students and so I think you all get where I am coming from.
In my hiatus from blogging I did some thinking about ways to prevent this from happening again. I feel like it is reasonable for me to be able to blog and do school at the same time and I have an idea of how to structure it so that it works.

I am going to try a blog schedule in which I only post on specific days. I will now post on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I chose these days because I have the least amount of homework and commitments on those days. I also chose Saturday rather than Sunday because I like to try to have as few responsibilities on Sunday as possible in order to fully rest for the coming week.

So, Friends (yes, we are still friends even after I left you for so long), I hope that this will help me be a better blogger.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. My plan is to finish one more midterm essay and be with Sheldon, whom I haven't seen all week! We decided to severely limit our time together this week in order for me to concentrate. It has been hard, but it has helped. What are your plans?

I will see you Monday!


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