Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Three Things: Green Tea and Geranium

Thursday, August 27, 2015

1. Green Tea
Since getting back to school I have been trying not to drink coffee. It has been about 48 hours. I have been feeling super tired and jet-lagged. Green tea has been my life-line because it gives me caffeine but it feels like a less aggressive than the caffeine in coffee. I have no idea if that is true! 

2. Tiny Pitcher
My parents gave me a gift of choosing some Polish pottery dishes on a visit to a Polish pottery factory. I didn't fall in love with very many of the pieces that we saw, because on our trip to Poland we saw SO MUCH POTTERY. It was hard to really be able to appreciate pieces of pottery on their own terms. 
But this pitcher spoke to me. It has a super simple design. I love the colours and the simplicity. It made me happy just to look at this pitcher. I now am using it as a tiny watering can for my one plant: my geranium.

3. Geranium 
Sheldon gave me this plant. I think it was for my birthday. He broke a leaf off of a plant in our school library and fostered it into its current state by putting the cutting in a glass of water and letting roots sprout. 
I love houseplants. I love how they add a hint of freshness to the space. I love how they are green and alive! 
Sheldon has been taking care of my little geranium while I was in England and then at home in Czech. Now I have it back and it sits on my desk by the window. Thank you for caring for my dear plant, Sheldon. 

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