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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

The first week back to school is over. I am exhausted. I feel a little silly for feeling so pooped since we only had three days of classes. I guess jet-lag and my body not being used to the tough regime of school life are the cause. Another reason could be my continuing attempt to avoid coffee
Being back at school is both wonderful and hard.

It is wonderful, because I love this place. The things I get to learn about are incredible and inspiring. I am excited about my Anthropology course. In it we have been discussing how the rituals of a people group might seem crazy to an outsider, but in reality they always make sense to that people group. They are never "crazy". There is always an explanation to a behaviour. Does that mean that behaviour is good or worthy? Not necessarily. But it is not crazy. 

I am also super excited about my Media Studies class. We have begun talking about the way the Powers of Darkness in the world manifest themselves in two major ways: Fear and Greed. These two elements drive many of our decisions and certainly the way that the media operates. They are constantly using greed and envy to get us to buy things. 

I have been thinking about this as I flip through the pages of the Czech language magazine I brought from home to stick in my bathroom. I think, "That is a beautifully cut dress," and then I think, "Oh no! The medium of this magazine is working upon me to produce greed and get me to buy this!"

School is hard, because I get over-stimulated almost every time I leave the apartment. There are people everywhere. The campus is small and I know a lot of people, so I will see at least four or five faces I know. Each person will say, "Hi," and I will be overwhelmed by the need to respond in a friendly manner to each one. 

The combination of the amount of homework for classes, the constant presence of other humans and the fast pace of the lifestyle makes being here a challenge. I suppose it explains why I need to collapse in a puddle on my bed and watch House of Cards for an hour as soon as Friday's responsibilities wrap up. 

Well folks, I am signing off. These are my Back-To-School photos. I took them around campus. 

Have a lovely evening,
Lucy Rose 

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