Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Things: Fake Birks and Eau de Toilette...

I bought these for 150 Czech crowns (about 5$) from a lady in the tiny mall in our town. They have held up well and I believe it is real leather. Not quality leather, but real. Comfy and so easy to wear with socks. Hah! So stylish...

Bought this in England with some friends after we talked about the need we had to feel fresh and elegant despite our rumpled, travelling state. It works. I feel feminine when I wear it. I do all the time now, even though I used to think it gaudy and artificial. I wear this one.

I bought this on a whim in my favourite stationary shop. The same ladies have worked there for over ten years. They are always curt, but not unfriendly. I keep it with me and make random sketches in it. I love the size (European A6) and the recycled paper. Plus, it was made here at home in Czech at the Papirny Brno company. 

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