Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life Advice: Surviving with Two Pairs of Workout Pants

Dear People of the World Who Are in Search of My Wisdom,

This might be weird. But I do not care. I need to share this with you: I only have two pairs of workout pants. Whew. I know. Actually, to be honest, I think I have more than two, but I have been separated from the American half of my wardrobe for several months now and I forget if I have more.

But the main thing I want to address is How to Workout Almost Every Day With Only Two Pairs of Designated Workout Pants. I have a special trick: I shower in my clothes after my workout. Is that weird? Yes? Gross? Sorry, World.

When I come back from my run I:
1. Get into the shower fully clothed and pretend that I am just doing a normal shower time. I use body wash or soap (bar soap saves money! WooHoo! There's some more life advice for you all...) to clean off just the way I would normally.

2. I then take off my soaking workout clothes (you will know from past wet-clothes-experiences that this is hard), wring them out and finish up my shower.

3. When I get out I put the clothes up to dry on our heated towel rack (is this Euro thing?) or on the line outside, or in a pinch, I randomly lay them out on a some surface.

4. By the next day my clothes are dry and I can wear them to run again. Are they spotlessly clean and completely orderless? Not entirely, but they are not repulsive and will survive another day before I do my full laundry load.

Well, Pals, this has been a helpful tip by Lucy Rose. Come back next week when I talk about Surviving in One Pair of Socks for an Entire Month.

You are welcome,
Lucy Rose


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