Friday, August 7, 2015

Coffee With a Friend

Dear Blog-Reading Public,

Today I put on makeup and a light dress, left the house, entered the blistering heat and had a lovely couple of hours with a friend in a coffee shop. It was one of those times when you don't really want to leave the house, but you end up being glad that you did. This was a friend whom I actually never really was friends with before. I had known her through mutual friends, but we had never been close. I saw her last week and mentioned that we should try to hang out.

I was serious, but I thought she would do what most other people in my experience do: not take me seriously and never take me up on it. I was so glad when she contacted me and made a plan. I really enjoyed talking with her about books, because we have read many of the same ones in order to talk about our opinions of them, but we also have read enough different ones in order to make good recommendations.

She also had a few fun ideas, which were so charming and showed me that she is a person who also has a vivid imagination. One of them involved ninja princesses and another wine-making elves.

Anyway, here is the doodle I worked on as we sat in the cafe and chatted.

Have a lovely day!

Lucy Rose

PS She also told me about something called Goodreads. It is a social networking platform for people to compare the books they read. I joined!

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