Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Thankful List - A Three Part Series of Doodles

Dear People,

I had a hard day today. Nothing concrete was wrong. I am in perfect health and my loved ones are mostly well and prospering. But I had a long shift at work and towards the end I found myself getting more and more flustered. I was and dropping things (more things than usual that is) and getting coffee orders wrong. I felt irritated and exhausted.

When I finished the shift  Sheldon was waiting outside basking in the gorgeous evening sun. "Isn't this a beautiful evening?!" he asked perkily.

"Yes!" I barked. "But I should warn you that I am in a very bad mood!"

Poor guy. He was a model of grace and sweetness. He read to me from one of my favourite children;s books until my savage sir it was considerably soothed. I joked that he was like David playing the harp for the enraged King Saul in the Bible. I felt a lot better after that and we were able to have pleasant evening without my punching anyone or knocking things over.

But it is on these days when I feel so down for no reason (OK. I'll be straight with you. I might be PMS-ing. But this secret stays on the internet, OK?!) that I feel like I need to pause and remember all the things that the Lord has given me. I need to remind myself to stop and give thanks!

SO. I have decided to do a blog series. Yes, Folks. This is a concept I have picked up from the other blogs I like to read. Perhaps you have been following my 30 day doodle challenge. (Take a look at all of them here) This will be a doodle challenge within a doodle challenge. For three days I am going to post a list of drawings depicting the things for which I am thankful. I will draw all of them on index cards for uniformity's sake and post them here for you to see.

So without further ado . . . Let the series of doodles within a series of doodles begin!

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