Thursday, August 14, 2014

Doodle #22 - The Evolution of a Cartoon

Dear People,

Today I finished the cartoon for the orientation issue for the school newspaper. I went through several iterations before submitting the final draft. Here is the history.


This was my first instinct sketch. It was just what came out of my pencil as I thought about making a cartoon welcoming Freshmen to school. I remember my feelings as a Freshman. I hand't realised that college has it's own complex culture and even subcultures, rituals and hierarchies. It was a surprise to me that I would have to learn to navigate this intricate, self-contained biosphere. I felt overwhelmed.


I also distinctly remember feeling patronised by upperclassmen. This cartoon I think captures a little of that. I had also been perusing the work of William Stieg and that really rubbed off on me the day I drew this. 


This one is just silly. It is not particularly high-concept play on words. It is just a fun visual of a very earnest, weasel-faced intellectual man pushing a giant compass. I had fun drawing it. 


This was my most complex iteration. I went full-blown graphic novel with this one. It is very wordy (you probably can't even read the text with the terrible photo I have provided. Do not fear, you are not missing that much). There are a few nice visual moments. I like the gremlin at the bottom and the VHS tape. But all in all this was a bit much for a one-panel cartoon. 


So in the end I went back to my gut and tailored the first idea into this final version. I cleaned up the image using Photoshop and added the font. I think I would have made this into a vector project, had not Sheldon said that he really hoped I keep the sketchy, pencil look. I am just waiting for the print version to appear in a week or so!

So, do you have a favourite? Do you think I made the right choice, or should I have chosen a different version? I'd love to know your thoughts, even though it is too late to change.


  1. I think you made the right choice. I do like the drawing of the one with the guy pushing the compass, though.

  2. Thanks, Sheldon. You were pretty helpful.