Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crazy Day

Today was insane. It is the second week of classes here at Wheaton College. Before my head hits the pillow I need to burn off the remaining caffeine from the espresso I drank, by telling you what all happened today.

7:00 Wake up and speed to Gospel, Church and Culture class.

9:00 Cross paths with Dwaine-From-My Spanish-Class, who tells me that I forgot an assignment.

10:30 Finish Spanish assignment and zoom to Chapel.

10:35 Doze a little in Chapel, even though I am sitting in the front row and am in plain view of the speaker and the school chaplain.

11:30 Education class. We discuss Aristotle. Brain hurts. In a good way.

12:30 Spanish class. Try to sit far away from the guy who was a little too eager to be my partner last time. Wedge self between footballers.

1:45 Lunch. Sit with Ian-the-Batman-Obsessed and his conservatory friends. Try to make conversation even though they are sarcastic about my lack of musical knowledge.

2:00 Over-Eager-Man from Spanish catches me outside cafeteria. Wants to talk. Reveals that he works as a nude model for an art school I almost attended. Offers me work as a nude model.

2:15 Feel uncomfortable. Am too nice. Leave.

4:00 Work out with Sisi and Leya. Sweat.

5:00 Call from Caribou Coffee supervisor, "LucyRose, where are you? You need to be here!"

5:30 Panting and sweaty enter Caribou. Coworkers are gracious and forgiving. All is well.

7:00 Make first ever latte.

9:15 Get ride home from Brittany. Thanks Brittany.

10:00 Laugh hysterically about Mr. Nude Model with Brittany and Joanna. Eat pop tart.

10:30 Josh-the-Eagle-Scout helps me put on my bike lights. Give Josh pop tart.

10:40 Blog.


Lord, thank you for helping me survive this day. Give me rest in my mind and body. Let me be your servant.



  1. So I guess it wasn't just the cowboy boots.

  2. So I guess it wasn't just the cowboy boots.

  3. Please swiftly send the name of the over-eager Spanish student / nude model, his address, telephone number and coordinates to your father, who will co-ordinate the Thermonuclear Strike Force.