Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letter to Claire

Dear Readers,

It has been a while! My life has become so full with school. So I thought I would share this email I wrote to my dear friend Claire. It is just a brief peek into some of what is happening in my life. 

Hello My Dear Claire!

I am so filled with joy to be at this school. This is the place for me. God knows that this was right for me. I have so much happiness when I pause to consider that I am in a place where I get to learn about anything I want. My brain is stretched by my studies in my Education class. My artistic mind and sensibility is being expanded through photography class. I am being enriched by the ideas of my smart and talented peers. I go to Gospel choir practice twice a week and always look forward to that "praise break", as Miss Tanya, our director puts it. I work hard all the time, but the work is so good. 

This week I saw a poster for a faculty cello recital of some Chopin and Schubert pieces. I love Schubert so I and about 30 old people and three random Conservatory students went. The musicians were world class. I love being at a place where I can just pop into a concert for free. The next day I climbed a tree on the big lawn outside Blanchard Hall (this was when I was trying to call you) to watch the sun glow through the trees and I saw the cellist walking back to his car. I called out, "Hello! Are you the man who played last evening?" He looked up and spotted me clinging to the tree, "Yes. That was me!" "Thank you! It was wonderful." He waved and walked off. 

Today I will head off to Photography and we will finish up the critiques of our first series of photos. This evening I will have Gospel practice and eat dinner with a friend. Then I will finish some paper writing. 

This morning I went to the local middle school to apply for a tutoring position as a part of my possible Education major. Yesterday I had a consultation with my Educ. teacher. He told me that as an artist I should consider teaching as another art form with humans as the medium. I will be praying about this. 

Well this turned out longer than I expected. I need to get back to my dorm and work on my mom's birthday package. 

I love you my friend. I am excited to hear about your adventures at Moody in the Big City!


Take a peek at Claire's fantastic blog here:

Here are some photos I took to get myself acquainted with my school camera. I was just being a little silly.


  1. Even though I already read this, it's sweet! Fun pictures! Thanks for the shoutout! :)

  2. Teaching as an art, the students as the medium? That is a really interesting idea. I am going to definitely consider that. I think, though, I would prefer 3 other ways to think about teaching, art and the students. 1) God is the artist, students are the media, and I the teacher am the paintbrush or the chisel God uses to paint or sculpt. 2) The students and I are both artists; we are collaborating, but I'm the more experienced artist and they are apprentices in my studio. 3) I the teacher am a performance artist. What do you think? - PGT