Sunday, August 25, 2013

Roommate Fears Assuaged

Well, folks, last time I was telling you about my new roommate anxieties. I have now met Christina. She is lovely. She is organised and tidy and calm. She is frank and down to earth. She appreciates my sense of humour! I know this because she said, "LucyRose, I am so glad that you have a sense of humour." She is consideration itself. Her first act as roommate was to buy me an ice pack for my healing sprained ankle. This morning we shared breakfast on the floor of our room. I provided the granola (thank you Bergmanns!) and she provided the yogurt.

A doodle of myself and roommate Christina. I did this during the Welcome Freshman Ceremony.

In my last post I voiced my anxieties about her reaction to my garbage collection. My worries are assuaged. Guess what her parents do for a living? They are engineers in the recycling and trash removal business. I get to ask her all sorts of questions about what to recycle and what not.

We have two suite mates; Marisa and Olivia. Marisa brought her periodical table of elements building block collection and her Einstein action figure. Olivia brought her nail art collection and a blingy picture frame her artist friend made her. I like them already.

I feel secure in the thought that just as God has put me in the right place for high school, he has done the same for college. Wheaton College is so loving. They are EXCITED about new freshman. That is why I am so exhausted. They are packing Orientation week with activities. Oh well. I feel welcomed.

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