Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Wedding Update #7

I have been having wedding panic again. The other day I had a day off work and I thought I would spend the whole thing just knocking out things for the wedding. But I ended up not knowing where to start. I did some research about string lights and chair set-ups, but halfway through the day found myself sitting on a park bench freaking out over how much there was left to do. I felt flooded with the hugeness of the task of planning a wedding for so many people. How was I going to ask for help?! I didn't even know what to ask for! I reached for my pen and trusty pad of paper to do something that I did in high school all the time. I wrote out my cry of help to God like a letter. Then I opened up my Bible and read Psalm 4 over and over, until my wave of panic subsided enough that I was able to go on my way. Later that day the same waves of panic came back when I was with Sheldon in the parking lot of our local Aldi grocery store. This time he was able to comfort me, help me calm down and create a battle plan for the next few days of planning. 

Sheldon is an extremely calming presence. He just exudes peace and calm. I love it, because my personality is excitable and prone to jump from one thing to the next. Sheldon, on the other hand, can focus fully on one thing for hours at a time. Of course this can have drawbacks. Sometimes I want him to be more snappy and move at the same pace as me, but ultimately it is really valuable that he is so thorough and methodical. He is the same way about wedding planning. He is not panicking at all. Instead he keeps a careful log of everything in a binder that he keeps in his backpack at all times.

This week we have been prioritising scheduling chair rentals and light rentals. We hang around in coffee shops with internet a lot, because his apartment doesn't have internet. We sit side by side mulling over crazy chair prices: 5.45$ for "Natural wooden chair with padded seat", 6.45$ for "White chair carved from Alpine ash trees that have been artistically distressed with goat antlers" or 8.35$ for "Mahogany throne". Who would have thought that the doggone chairs would be the most expensive component of the wedding so far?!

Anyway. We have accomplished a few things this week. We know where our rehearsal dinner will be.  We have decided on desserts after the ceremony. We have chosen a song for me to walk down the aisle to. I can't tell you which song. You'll have to wait and see. Basically a lot of little things have been coming closer to finality. The hard part is that it takes a few days for things to get finished. You can start one thing and then the company doesn't answer the phone. You write an email and wait for an answer. You have an idea, but it can't be finalised for a while. Remember how I said that I am a little more flighty and Sheldon is calm and steady? Well, his steadiness to complete what he starts really comes in handy here. I am so glad I am marrying him.

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