Thursday, April 21, 2016

Three Things: 3 Cute Couples

Do you ever catch yourself staring at people? You don't mean any harm in it. You are just captivated by them: their lives, their loves and interests. You wonder what they are like and why are they laughing right now? What are they talking about? Sometimes people catch my eye because of the link they seem to have with one another. I will see a pair of people who just seem to be in sync. They have a special connection which is so sweet to see that it pulls me in. I want to be around them, because of the radiance of that connection. Today I sat on a bench on the lawn outside Blanchard, the main building on our campus. I was reading some research articles for a paper I have to write by Tuesday (eek!) but I also took a few minutes to people watch. The three sketches that follow are of three couples I spied from my bench. 

1. Perhaps they were freshman in college or seniors in high school. They were walking together and then they climbed the big birch climbing tree several yards away from me. I loved the tender way the guy put his arm around the girl. He seemed to really be listening to her and delighted by her. I loved watching them, because I partly hoped me and Sheldon look like that when are together: comfortable, loving and glad to be together. 

2. This couple was having fun. He was riding a longboard and wearing a silly looking flat-brimmed hat. She was sometimes walking, sometimes jogging along side, library book in hand. They looked like they were just about to spend the whole afternoon reading, walking and laughing together. I imagined them later in the evening pretend-bickering over which TV show to watch Breaking Bad or Downton Abby. 

3. Mother and daughter. Daughter with blonde princess hair flowing down to her backside. Mom carrying several bags and her purse. You could tell that this mom was proud of her tiny daughter carrying her tiny violin case. The daughter skipped beside the mom and I thought about times I would go places with my mom. 

I guess you could say that one of the reasons I like watching people, is because I see my own life reflected in theirs. I see a mother and daughter and I can't help but think of my own mother. What is it about us that we experience other people's lives this way--as our own? I think this must have something to do with the way that we get drawn into films or plays. Isn't it called catharsis? The things going on on stage offer release to us, even though we are not experiencing them directly.

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