Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I want to take this blog post to honour Dr. Larycia Hawkins. I have held deep respect for her since my very first day at Wheaton College when she gave our Freshman orientation address. Her intelligence and wisdom made me proud and excited to attend Wheaton College. I promised myself that I would take her Political Science course before graduating. I will not have the chance to do that now. She is leaving our school.

I have honoured her and the solidarity she wishes to embody through my artwork in the past weeks. My drawing of her face and her words appeared on the cover of our school newspaper. I felt that to be my own way of showing solidarity. Tonight she said goodbye to our campus. Our chaplain asked us to refrain from applause or other verbal signs, but we all stood up in respect as she took her place behind the microphone. It was a silent demonstration of deepest respect.

Here is my small sketch of Dr. Hawkins that I made during her farewell speech. Here also is my cover for the paper. I do not wish to make my blog into a political platform by addressing this issue. But I don't want to pretend as though this has not touched my life and those of my community.

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  1. I would love to hear your opinion of it all someday. I've followed the details from afar as someone in the Christian education world. I love her face framed by her words that was used on the magazine. WOW! Andrea Pitcher