Monday, February 8, 2016

Cutting Sheldon's Hair

I hate it when Sheldon's hair grows out. His sideburns get long and for some reason begin to form a points on either side of his delicate cheekbones. These pointy sideburns in tandem with his delicate features make him look like an elf. Now, I must make it clear that I love Sheldon even when he looks li▽ke an overgrown elf. But it helps me to love Sheldon better when his hair is trimmed and he looks like a lovely handsome man, not someone from the cast of Lord of the Rings.

Sheldon and I used to have a great deal of trouble over this topic, because I always wanted him to get a haircut, but he never had the time and he hated to spend the $17 on it. It felt like a lot of money to him to spend on something that only lasts a few weeks. So I told him to buy some clippers and I would learn how to do it myself. He did.

I have now cut his hair 2 and a half times. The first time I did it in my apartment with all my roommates watching. At one point in the process I had cut all of the bottom half of his hair, but left the top very long and scraggly. My roommate Hannah came up behind us and asked, "Lucy Rose, what are you trying to do?" Her tone was one of complete skepticism that the job was going to come off without extreme misfortune.

I managed it in the end, even if Sheldon looked like he was joining the Navy or a bare knuckle fighting ring like the guy in the movie Rust and Bone. The other night I cut Sheldon's hair again. I sat him down in his tiny grotty bathroom. His short dark hair covered his arms and made him look like a hairy gorilla man. In the end we made a notch on the clipper's box to tally up how much money we have saved so far. we have currently saved about $51.

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