Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Things: Favourite Foods

This week's Three Things series is based on foods that have been floating my boat this week.

1. Pickles 
Sheldon provided pickles as the snack for our date last night. He drove us to a park which was designed at the end of the twentieth century. It had grecian pillars and a fountain. It was very dark with only a few lights shining on the pillars and stucco walls. Sheldon brought a jar of pickles which he had bought on his way, because he wanted some kind of snack but didn't know what. He said he chose pickles because he knows they are one of my favourite foods. This is true. I could eat pickles by the jar. I do eat pickles by the jar. We couldn't buy kosher dill pickles in the Czech Republic when I was growing up, so I have now developed the need to make up for lost time and eat as many as possible. I also like pickle juice. It made me so happy that Sheldon remembered my love affair with saline-preserved cucumbers and wen tout of his way to help my addiction along.

2. Oatmeal Squares
This is my current favourite breakfast cereal. The flavour reminds me of my favourite Czech cereal. The Czech version is shaped like tiny sticks whereas oatmeal squares are shaped like tiny pillows. Pillows which would actually be very uncomfortable and crunchy. But they both are flavoured cinnamon and not ultra sweet. This cereal has been my comfort because I forgot to buy prunes this week. If you read this post, then you would know my feelings on prunes and why the fact that I forgot to buy them at the store cuts me up inside. My mornings are not the same without Prune Time. But oatmeal squares make things a little more bearable.

3. Omelettes
I use two eggs and Julia Child's method. I add diced sweet peppers. I sprinkle it with cayenne pepper and salt. Omelettes are my comfort food. I eat them at night instead of dinner on days when I am too pooped to walk to the dining hall. They also remind me of home because I would make them after my  traditional dance class in high school at around 10 PM.


  1. What a great video. I think I need to start watching Julia Child. "If no one is watching you can use your hands …" Love it.

  2. At first I was like, "your traditional dance class? When did you do that??" And then I realized you were talking about Tanecni and it made so much more sense. I was always hungry after Tanecni too! Should've tried your method!