Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Week in Classroom Doodles

Dear Friends,

I was back at school this past week as you may know if you have been reading up on my latest posts. I am a serious in-class-doodler. I have trouble paying attention if I am not able to focus my mind and hands on something. If I am not doodling then I sometimes wander off into unseemly behaviour of cuticle biting or zoning out completely.

So I thought I would share with you some of the doodling magic that I created over the course of this week. I say "magic" but the truth is that my doodles are pretty primitive, since I was getting warmed up.  Mostly I try to draw from life in small frames which I draw. I practice drawing the things that I see in the classroom. Sometimes I draw things that the professor is talking about. The "Freedom to Fall" was a quote from my Media Studies class. The professor was talking about how some kids who go to my school graduate have never been allowed the freedom to mess up. So when they finally graduate they go off the deep end.

Have a great Saturday!








  1. I love these so much, they're in no way primitive! If only you saw my classroom doodles haha!

    The colors you use are so lovely, especially that bright neon color! Do you carry around a sketchbook or are these margin doodles?

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Wow, Angelina, I really appreciate your feedback.

      In my classes I have taken to using plain sheets of printer paper and a clipboard. I like that because I can map out my note-taking as a unified composition instead of running into the spine of the two pages of a notebook. So I usually frame my notes in rectangular columns and then leave plenty of space for the doodles in the margins between columns.

      So, no, I have not been carrying a sketchbook lately. But I definitely do at other times.