Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three Things

They are so beautiful. They always make me think of still life paintings
 by someone like the Spanish artist Cotán. I love it when fruit feels translucent and
the flesh is speckled with those tiny pores. Like human skin. I derive a similar pleasure from the representation of human flesh in some Pixar animated
films like Up. The old man in Up has wonderful translucent flesh. 
Watercolour Box
This was given to me on my birthday when I turned 
20 by one of my brothers. We have all forgotten 
whether it was my older brother, Patrick, or my younger 
one, Paul Hugh. Whatever the (watercolour) case may be, 
I love this object, because it is a beautiful piece of wood. 
I use it allthe time and often carry it with me in my 
purse or backpack. It is one of the few art tools
a) I use on a highly regular basis,
 b) is aesthetically pleasing, and 
c) is portable. 

Thanks, Indeterminate Brother. 

Tea Cup and Saucer
My mother has had this tea cup around for a while, 
but it always sat on the shelf unused. I loved it from afar thinking that it was 
something she didn't want people drinking from. This week she did a clean-out 
of some of her Polish pottery collection and decided to get rid of this cup, 
because no one ever used it. She offered it to me and my heart leapt for joy. 
I have been using it for my morning espresso, which I brew in one of these
It makes my breakfast so much cooler with its beauty. 

Sorry, I couldn't quite capture it. 


  1. I'm an avid reader of your blog. Just thought you should know that again. I think it's profound, beautiful, witty and completely charming. ;)

  2. Ahh! I just found these kind comments! Thanks, Lisa and Claire! You guys are my target audience:)