Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coming Soon: A New Blog Series!

Dear Friends,

Starting tomorrow I am going to start a new blog series called Three Things. I love to celebrate simple objects that make life good. I always feel a tiny spark of joy if I can drink my coffee out of a pretty mug rather than a styrofoam cup. Or if I can use the red hand mirror which was given to me by my friend to put on my lipstick.

It just makes life better.

I was inspired to start this series because I enjoy a blog called Cupcakes and Cashmere. One of my favourite things that the blogger does regularly is a series called Five Things. Every week she shares photos of five things from her week that she loves.

I want to borrow this idea, because it's great. Yeah, I know. Three things is wimpier than five...but I can't copy completely! I will try to post these on Thursdays. Three Things Thursday. Gotta have an alliteration. I plan to either draw the items or take photos. I might use a variety of mediums depending on how I feel and what I have around.

I hope that you like this series. I am getting excited about it, but also a little nervous. Keeping up with the structured lifestyle of a regular series might be hard! I will probably let you guys down on occasion. Can you vow to forgive me when that happens? This whole things feels pretty official and I don't know if our relationship is ready to become "official".

But, let us take the leap together.

Lucy Rose

Here is the first of a 30-day series in which I posted a doodle-a-day.