Tuesday, July 14, 2015

England: Alternative Perspectives

Dear Friends,

Are you interested in reading multiple eprspectives about my group's time in England? I am not the only person out of our class of 35 to keep a blog about the time. Becasue we are a group of English majors there are many writers among us.

Here is a list of some of the other blogs:

1) A Chapter Called England: Carolyn was in my writing gorup for our Travel Writing class. Her style of writing is exuberant and full of passion. Everything she experiences goes straight to her heart and flows out through her pen. Her special love is Shakespeare and the theatre. Read her thoughts about The Bard!

2) Rachel's Rambles: During our reading of Pygmalion, Rachel assumed the role of "Sarcastic Bystander". After having spent a good deal of time with this young woman I can say that this acurately describes Rachel. In her blog, however, she is the central figure through whom we experience England. She narrates what she sees with humour, attention to detail and poetry. I got to be featured as a character in this post about a "sunrise" walk on the cliffs of Beer.

3) The Write Things: Ciera writes even when not travelling. She brings her love of literature and sharp critical thinking to her blog. She is a smart cookie who also appreciates photography and moments of beauty. But I really love her recent snarky post about 12 Things I Won't Miss About England. 

4) Further Up and Further In: Francesca uses her quiet humour to evaluate her time in England. I love the way she brings her observations into thoughtful musings about things like viewing everything idealistically or England living up to our expectaions. I giggled at the combination of truth and humour in this post about "Truths Universally Acknowledged".

5) I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere: Lauren writes incrediblly detailed and thoughtful posts from her sweet, keen perspective. I appreciate the time she puts into docuemnting our time faithfully and with an emphasis on her integration of our experiences and the sights we saw with her own faith. I like this post about our time in Beer.

I am on my way home to the Czech Republic. In a couple hours I board the plane. Currently I am sitting in a black leather chair overlooking the tarmac at the Dublin airport. At this airport I split from the gorup who is headed back to Chicago. I stationed myself at a corner of the path to customs and bid people awkward goodbyes. They were awkward because I know I will see them in a few weeks time anyway, but this is also the end of a shared thing. We may return to school and not talk much, whereas, here in England, I came into contact with most of our group at least once a day.

Well, goodbye for now, Friends. I will come back soon. In the mean time enjoy the links and get to know some of the other bloggers from the trip!

Lucy Rose

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