Friday, July 17, 2015

Back Home in the Czech Republic

Dear Friends,

I am home at last. I have been here for about three days. They have been sweet days in which I have only been with my family and around the house. I have slept in my own little room (that makes me think of this song from the old Cinderella musical...), picked cherries form our tree and eaten them for breakfast, gone on a run with my little brother (by little I mean younger, because he is actually a large man) and read a book for fun (what!!!???). 

I am trying to figure out my family's scanner in order to post my journal entries, but until I figure it out I will share this video with you. I took it on the train from Prague to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. I intended it to be for my fellow students who went to England with me and frequently asked about what my homeland looks like. 

The last shot has my father in it. He is pretending that he doesn't notice me filming him. 

Lucy Rose 

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