Saturday, June 6, 2015

England: London Day Two Sketches

Dear Friends,

I want to share some things from my sketchbook. They are not brilliant creations, but they give you an idea of what we are seeing here in London. 

Page 1 - These are a couple of drawings that I did during a concert of baroque chamber music that I went to at St. Martin in the Fields. A girl from my group asked if I was interested in classical music and if I wanted to spring for a concert. I weighed my options. I hadn't slept in 24 hours and I am not a huge music person, but I decided to go, because I was like, well what the heck! We're in London! So I went and it was glorious. We all partially dozed off in it, but what we did hear we loved. We didn't feel bad about sleeping, though, because we were in such terrible seats and couldn't see the musicians anyway. If you are interested in what we heard I wrote a list in on my page. 

Page 2 - Here are some sketches I made as we made a whirlwind walk around London. Our professor just wanted to do this massive walk around so that we would not go to sleep, but adjust to the time schedule. These sketches are of Westminster Abbey and the Dean's palace. 

Page 3 - Here are some weird ones of Buckingham Palace peeking through some trees in a famous park. I don't know what park. 

Page 4 - Here is the top of the pillar in Trafalgar Square. It is Lord Nelson, who helped win the war against Napoleon. There is also a drawing of the fountain.

Page 5 - This is the coronation chair. It was inside the Abbey. I was basically falling asleep in the Abbey. I had trouble enjoying it, because there were so many people and It was hard to take in everything. Such is generally the way with cathedrals. 

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