Saturday, June 6, 2015

England: London Day Three - British Museum

Hello Folks!

Today we went to the British Museum. It was so huge! I didn't know what I wanted to do with the hour and a half that I had in which to look over the thousands of artefacts they have in the museum. In the end I figured I had time for about two or three sections so I picked the ones which most interested me and spent my time there.

My favourite part was the room devoted to the Enlightenment. That was very cool because it was a time in which people were very interested in collecting and categorising objects. The exhibit was divided into seven sections based on the particular interests of the time period: Religion and Ritual, Trade and Discovery, The birth of archeology, Art and Civilisation, Classifying the world, Ancient scripts and The Natural World. Each subject had a couple of cases devoted to one of these subjects. My favourite were the special boxes devoted to collections. For instance one man who sailed with James Cook collected seashell specimens and classified them into a large tray, which was divided into many tiny compartments, each of which was labelled. This was apparently the method used by Carl Linnaeus when he classified plants. I personally have special relationship with Carl, because when I was a little girl my brothers and I used to climb all over his statue in the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

I drew a little while I was there.

In the afternoon my group and I got extremely lot trying to make our way back from Notting Hill. Haha! It took us three hours to get home. We finally made it, however. It was a bonding experience. As my friend Aseye said it was the kind of experience that really brings friendships up to a new level. The other three girls and I definitely bonded over that period. We weathered sore feet, an attack of "hangriness" - anger which comes from hunger, and general weariness together.

One of the girls I was with has been blown about our trip. If you;d like to read about her perspective take a look here:

My Darlings, I am sorry I do not have more drawings for you today. I have been absolutely worn out. I'll try to get more out tomorrow. 


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