Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sketches From Class

Dear Ones,

Today I did several sets of doodles in class. 

Here they are:

1. For the first photo I  thought I would give you a shot of my tools. Here's a list: 
- Strathmore notebook, 400 Series Recycled sketch paper
- Pencil case that was a gift from my good friend Claire (find her blog here!) from her trip to Singapore in the sixth grade. 

2. For this series I drew the hair with the marker first and then did the pen over it. I tried to make a rule for myself not to add in any marker after I had done the pen, but I cheated for the shoes and the girl with the bun. I like that exercise of not going back over something, because it forces me to be fast and non-perfectionist. 

2. This is a brief set of the back of people's heads. Unfortunately that's really all I can see of most people. I was trying to get the hair right. 

3. This was a set similar to the first one, where I did the green marker first and then did over with the pen. I felt like I could sense myself loosening up with this one. It was my first sketching of the day and so the girl in the middle to the right turned out the worst. My hand was still stiff. The girl with the pony tail was the second and she is a little better. 

Today you may notice a couple of things that my sketches have in common. First, they are all in frames like a cartoon. I like this because I feel like it gives me clear boundaries for a sketch so that I can better plan out how I am going to deal with the composition of each frame. It helps me when I am in a hurry too, because I can finish one frame very quickly and feel as though I have accomplished something. 

The second thing in my sketches from today is that I was only using two colours: green and black. I like doing that too, because it looks cool and is another small boundary which forces me to be creative. Then they also end up looking more cohesive if I do several versions. 

Hope you enjoyed this. May you have a good day and may it inspire you to also sketch instead of paying attention in class! Just kidding, Guys. I am very adept at listening and sketching. Just ask my seventh grade Literature teacher. Actually...don't.

Lucy Rose 

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