Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sitting Still In Class

Dear Ones,

Today I had real trouble sitting through my four classes. I got so antsy! I even felt my bottom go a little numb. This is particularly sad because I love my classes! I am taking Romanticism, Jane Austen, Travel Writing and Literature and Place. My favourites are Travel Writing and Austen. We are reading Mansfield Park, which, if you read read this post, you know is one of my favourite books of all time.

So I was thinking about ways to keep yourself from going nuts during class. I thought of a few. Here they are:

1. Chew Gum: This is helpful because it gives me something to fidget with even instead of biting my nails or cuticles. It helps if you have a class before lunch, because you trick yourself into thinking you are eating.

2. Sketch: This one has to be subtle, but it helps me because do better listening when my hands are doing something too. One time I made it my goal to draw every pair of shoes in the whole class (find that here). That kept me busy for the whole class. But sometimes you may feel badly about doing that. In those cases you can draw illustrations to accompany the content of your textbooks or notes. See below for a few of my in-class illustrations.

3. Practice Posture: Time yourself to sit with perfect posture for a period of time. This one is kind of silly, but it helps me to focus on something external when my mind is trying to wander. I also find myself slouching and getting uncomfortable.

4. Make Lists: I love making lists. Sometimes making a few helps me to keep my mind nimble instead of going numb. I make lists of things I need to pack for a trip, ideas for blog posts or words from the class readings or lectures that stick out to me.

I realise that these suggestions could be seen as poor studentship. But hopefully you will use them with discretion.

Lucy Rose

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  1. Hi Lucy R~
    I find it hard to sit still in class too! I think it helps to day dream too! : )))