Sunday, February 22, 2015

Turtles, Hedgehogs and Personality Quizes

 Dear Blog-Wogs,

Sorry about that. I have a problem  making up terrible nicknames. Ask my dad (or should I say "Dadfred". That is one of his least favourites. Who am I kidding. They are all his least favourites.)

Yesterday Sheldon and I had a fun conversation. I administered an old personality test to him. It was one that I had taken that morning. It only consists of a few questions.

Here's how it goes:

Here's how the test works. The animal represents the characteristics you find attractive in a romantic partner. The colour represents how you view yourself. The phenomenon represents how you view God.

Here were my answers:
Animal: Hedgehog
Reasons: Extremely cute, Shy and bumbling, Frequently present in Czech children's literature

Color: Green
Reasons: Soothing, Forest-y, My Dad's (or should I say "Dadley". Heehee. Sorry, Dad.) favourite.

Natural Phenomenon: Rain
Reasons: Melancholic, Refreshing, Cleansing

Sheldon's Answers:
Animal: Turtle
Reasons: Unusual, Resourceful and Shy, Carries home wherever it goes

Colour: Yellow
Reasons: Happy, Light

Natural Phenomenon: Air Resistance
Reasons: You can't see it but it still is effective.

I laughed a lot to think of our answers. We discussed whether or not these answers actually fit with our personalities. I think that they kinda do! Is Sheldon a hedgehog? Well, he is a little shy and extremely cute. But he is not particularly present in Czech folklore. I am unusual and shy, I guess.

We had fun with this game and Sheldon claimed that this type of personality test is much more palatable to him than multiple choice related ones. He said that he liked the fact that the questions were so open to interpretation and the results are analogical as opposed to placing into pre-set categories. Sheldon is a big opponent to personality quizzes. So is my father actually. To anyone who asks him; "Are you a lion, seal, beaver or golden retriever?" he will reply with something like, "I am an aardvark".

I thought our answers were pretty funny when I pictured myself and Sheldon as a turtle and hedgehog.


  1. Are you saying that you are your Dad's favorite? Love from Dadson. Dadville. Dadders. Daddington. Dadwell. Daddidooks. You get the idea.

  2. Yes, Dadley. I am your favourite!!! I love you!