Monday, August 18, 2014

Thankful Doodles - Part Three (Doodle #25)

This is the last day of the Thankful Doodles. Enjoy! 

Check out Parts One and Two here.

P.S. Sorry, the photos are such poor quality. I left my phone with the good camera at church and took these blurry guys with my webcam. 

Watching Nacho Libre with Friends. 
I saw it with my good friends. I had never seen it before. I laughed very hard. Perhaps I would not have laughed so much had I not been with such fun people. My favourite scene was about eating toast. Here's the link. Something about chastely crunching toast on a first date while wearing nightgowns cracks me up. Probably because I feel like it is the sort of thing Sheldon would dream up; "Lucy Rose, would you like to come to our apartment to make origami birds?"

Getting to Buy Post-It Notes, a Pen and Erasers. 
There's a scene in one of my favourite novels The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West in which the mother and daughter buy a paper bag of raisins despite the fact that they are broke. They revel in the ability to purchase something that simple and dub it a luxury. I felt similarly about buying 20 erasers to cover the terrible erasers on all the pencils at our church. I also bought a felt-tip pen and Post-It notes for us to make flip-book animation. It felt like a "luxury" to buy those simple items. 

I Had a Good Day At Work.
 Self Explanatory.

Some Time to Walk with Sheldon.
"Yeah yeah. Stop being so gushy, Lucy Rose. BORING!"
"Well, So-reeeee! I really thought you would be more happy for me than this."

The Blue Shirt My Daddy Got Me. Thanks Dad!
I felt pretty and smart in the pretty blue shirt my dad bought for me when he visited a couple weeks ago. I sent him a selfie of myself in the shirt and he replied that I have always done well in blue. He sent me this photo of myself as a baby to prove it. I felt so loved. (Plus I was a pretty, dang cute baby.)

A Postcard From Barbora.
Dear Barbora. I love you. I miss you. I see cool tattoos and think of you. But I don't think I could get another one without you. 

Thank you so much for all of these blessings, My Lord. 
Good night. 

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