Sunday, December 28, 2008

Latest Art Work

I know I just posted yesterday, but I've been excited about my latest artwork and wanted to give you all a taste.
The first is a project we had to do for my application preparation course. The idea was to make up a news story and create a sort of cartoon expressing it. Mine was the First Underwater Nudist Resort. I used water colors and ink.

This is an illustration to the book Jane Eyre. It's the scene where Mr. Rochester examines Jane's extraordinary art work. Here my medium was my favorite Copic markers. I achieved many of the deeper colors by mixing two markers, Mr. Rochester's vest for example is a combination of green and purple.
My latest piece for my famous portfolio is a cookie. I was inspired by the Christmas cookie decorating session with my friends Lisa and Claire. It took several atempts to get a good sheet of cookie, and in fact the one I ended up using is broken in two. I was really satisfied with the calmer colors I got by mixing the rather garish food coloring. It was my mom's idea to use marzipan for rocks, and Paul Hugh's idea to make a sand castle. During the creation of the cookie everybody kept passing by and eating bits of frosting and spare cookies. I'm surprised it survived the night with my dog on the lose (entire bags of Swedish Fish have been known to dissapear, as well as plates off cookies left ungaurded on the table).

Well, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed looking at my latest creations!


  1. awesome job! (jonny says he won't charge you for the idea... it's his gift to you this christmas.) my favorite parts on your cookie are the waves breaking on the beach and the rocks. you did a great job on that. i really like the idea of the under water nudest colony and i love the reporter. really cool.

  2. Very good Lucy! I love the cookie art! I hope the art school likes it as much as we all do! You are SO talented!!

  3. Hey, the cookie turned out really cool! And of course your other drawings are AWESOME too! Good job!

  4. no way lucy!! that's so cool. thanks for sharing it!!

  5. Sounds like your pieces are really cool. My computer won't let me see the pictures for some reason. Hope you continue to work hard at it because you definently have the talent. Sounded like you had a Wonderful Christmas and by sleeping by your tree Christmas Eve just proves that you are still a kid at heart.