Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Faithful Blog Readers!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas remembering Jesus' birth and spending time with family and loved ones. I had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve we went to our friends the Pitcher's house to celebrate with the other American families, as we do every year. Of course our family came an hour late, because someone, who shall remain nameless, mixed up the time. It was alright in the end, even though we didn't get any appetizers, my mom and I had enough time to do each other's makeup in a very girly fashion.
After a lovely evening of singing carols, Wise and Otherwise (an imaginative game involving proverbs) and fellowship, we went home to exchange one gift and watch numerous episodes of Firefly (a very imaginative sci-fi show). My little brother and I carried on the age old tradition of sleeping in close proximity to the tree. Patrick, too old for such frivolity, slept upstairs.
On Christmas morning we gathered in our living room and exchanged gifts. The most bizarre of these were strange blue geckos (rubber, not live) from the Shedd Aquarium. The most unexpected was a lighter for my brother (this was unexpected because my brother has been known to set fire to piles of dried leaves inside ancient wooden villages). And the most moving was a picture my mom drew of my dad with my grandma, who died this year.
We finished the day with a meal of buffalo chicken wings and a game of Texas Hold'em.
One of the best things was the fact that it snowed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!. I had been praying for at least a little snow.

Thanks for reading about my Christmas! Hope the rest of your break is very relaxing...

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  1. haha you guys watched firefly?! i love that show..sounds like lots of fun. As well as sleeping in the close vicinity of the christmas tree...that's so cool! thanks for sharing about your christmas!