Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Smoothie Diaries: Bad Mood


Friendliness is my smoothie bar trademark. Yeah. People call up and say, “Can you have The Friendly Smoothie Lady make my spinach smoothie? I want all her good vibes to sprinkle onto it and make me have a great day.” 

Ok. So maybe they don’t do that. And, no, I am not the only nice smoothie lady at the smoothie bar. But it is part of my personal smoothie philosophy to be kind to the customers. 

Today it just didn’t feel natural. I would hand a customer their smoothie and churn out my usual line, “Have a great day”, but it seemed forced. I wonder if the customers could tell it wasn’t from the heart this morning. I couldn’t muster a real smile. I went to bed feeling overwhelmed about the coming week. I felt tired and fat. I wanted to wake up feeling renewed, but at 5AM when my alarm rang it just felt like a continuation of the evening’s grossness. 

It helped when Sheldon woke me up and made me tea. 

It also helped to pray as I went about the routine of opening the smoothie bar. 

It helped to get into the mechanics of the job and focus on that instead of my mood.

It helped to promise myself a fresh donut and coffee on my 15 minute break. 

Somehow the longer I worked the more my gloom began to evaporate. It was like the murkiness that I watched disappear from the big glass storefront as the morning progressed and the sun came out. Now, as I am writing this, I am still tired from waking up for work at 5. But somehow I feel like the day was redeemed. 


  1. I'm glad you bad mood dissipated. Friendly smoothie lady is back!

    1. Thanks, Lisa:) I was back again today as well. Except for my very first customer at 6AM. Slightly less jolliness that early!