Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wedding Details That Don't Matter

In the aftermath of the wedding Sheldon and I realised that some of the things that we thought mattered didn't. What follows is an exposition of the things that, in the end, no one cared about. 

1. Napkins, Plates and Tablecloths
We talked about the colours of our disposable plates. We ordered beautiful rounded tablecloths to adorn the tables upon which the desserts were served. In the end, not only did Sheldon and I not get to eat almost any of our food, but we hardly noticed the tables or the plates. We also go the distinct impression that no one else did either. The fact that we lost the tablecloths in the craziness of the preparations and served the food off of bare folding tables? Whatever. 

2. A Playlist for Dancing
We thought that it would be super important to commission a cool friend to compile a killer playlist for our guests to dance to. We asked several people to do it, but i n the end we just played a random selection of old standbys from my former roommate's iPhone. Everyone had a blast. No biggie. 

3. The Thinness of the Ties
I have always been a fan of thin ties. I get this from my father, who only concedes to wear thin ties. He is a child of the sixties. So I pushed hard for our groomsmen (all four of Sheldon's brothers and a childhood friend) to wear thin ties. But when we were standing up front on the day of the wedding I didn't even notice their ties. They looked great, but I had no idea what kind of tie each of them was wearing. They were even primarily obscured by the vests which they wore instead of suit jackets. I mainly noticed the streams of sweat sliding down Sheldon's glowing face in heat. 

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