Monday, August 29, 2016

In Sickness And In Health

This weekend was the first test of our wedding vow to stand by one another "in sickness and in health". My cold was a direct result of living in such close proximity to The Carrier of Disease, in this case, Sheldon. But I would not trade living with my husband for clear sinuses. Yes, Readers of this Blog, let it be known that I would rather have a cold for the rest of my life and live with Sheldon, than be cold-less and live alone.

Here is us lolling about our home amid a mountain of used tissues.

Here is us trudging through Walgreens in order to arm ourselves with three boxes of tissues, cough drops and decongestant.

Here we are going to bed at 8PM in an attempt to sleep the cold away.

Chugging orange juice.

Drinking lots of gingery tea and honey.

One of us getting lost because the mountains of used tissues has grown too high.

The other one vowing to continue the search until "death do us part".


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  1. Your sketches!! Oh Lucy Rose, such cute ones! Sorry for your colds though...hope you both feel better now.