Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Best Time of Day

Breakfast-time is extremely important to me. It is probably my favourite part of the day. I am not a nice person when I don't have a few minutes alone in the morning to eat food, drink coffee and think. I don't eat a ton of food, my portions are actually quite small. But I always include a few very specific items. For the past two mornings I have been able to fully indulge in long breakfasts, because I have been off work. It has been delicious. This is my breakfast routine. 

1. Drink a glassful of lemon juice and warm water. This is meant to help your digestion rev up in the morning and work efficiently throughout the day. Does it work? I dunno. But even if it doesn't, it also helps by counteracting the dehydrating effects of the cup of coffee I drink every morning as well. I sip this glass of sour liquid while I prepare the rest of my food.

2. Protein. I get a huge headache in the middle of the day if I do not have protein right away in the morning. It's gotta be an egg, some nuts, some peanut butter, meat...anything, otherwise I wilt. I usually opt for an egg. Sometimes I fry it. Sometimes I poach it in the microwave. At the house I am living in right now the microwave is very beep-y and poaching an egg is very noisy. 

3. Coffee. While I am preparing my egg I like to make a single cup of black coffee in my small pour-over funnel. It is a very simple process of putting a paper filter in the funnel, resting it over the mug and pouring hot water over the couple tablespoons of grounds. As it funnels through I work on tidying up.

4. Something sweet. I have a big sweet tooth. I love eating something sweet with breakfast. Usually it will be a piece of fruit and a pastry-like item like a donut or a muffin. Lately I have been obsessed with the jumbo cinnamon muffins they sell at my grocery store. I eat half a muffin (which is practically the size of a normal sized muffin) as I drink my bitter coffee. But this week I am trying to avoid sugar in my diet, so I have replaced my sugary treat with raspberries. They are a splurge for me to buy, but I have been buying them anyway, because I told myself I deserved it. 

As I eat my breakfast I like to be alone. If I am interrupted during breakfast by roommates or other folks, I try to contain my irritation and be polite. My favourite spot in the house to eat my breakfast is at the kitchen table by a large window which looks out over the patio. Sunlight shines onto my face from the right and I can see the lovely summer weather outside and think about the rest of the day. I love how during breakfast time, if I don't feel rushed, I feel like there is possibility in the day ahead. I can enjoy beauty and peace first thing and then face whatever comes next. 

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