Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Wedding Update #3

"How is the wedding coming along, Lucy Rose?" This is the most frequent question I get these days. I try to give an honest answer: "Well, I oscillate from complete panic to relative excitement." Sheldon and I have been trying to devote a little time to planning each week. The major accomplishment of this week? Choosing bridesmaid's dresses and getting my bridesmaids to agree to be my bridesmaids. 

As of yesterday I have contracted all five of my requisite bridesmaids and I have sent them a link to the kind of dress I would like them to wear. It seems small, but this is big progress. I am currently enrolled in a Geology class. My professor introduced a concept called Geological Time. This is a term which is meant to put into perspective the rate of time it takes for significant changes to occur geologically versus the pace of the rest of the biosphere.

Geological Time is like ten thousand times slower than People Time. It can take a million years for a rock to metamorphose into a new type of rock. So when I say that it is a big deal for me to have chosen dresses and communicated with my bridesmaids, we must take into account that this whole wedding process is moving in Lucy Rose and Sheldon Time. Like Geological Time, LR&S Time moves more slowly than Normal People Time. It moves way more slowly than Sheldon's Mom Time. Any tiny progress completed in LR&S Time is to be celebrated. 

So what are these famed dresses going to be like? Let me draw an excerpt from my recent email to the aforementioned bridesmaids: 
"I want you guys to choose your own. I think that way it will be more personalised to you, you can spend as much as you feel comfortable doing and it will make the photos look less "matchy-matchy" in the words of the glamorous Heidi Klum. I would like you to choose from a similar colour palette of pink. The pink I have in mind is a dusty rose. I have collected some images of dresses I think would be OK. Here is a link. Floral, faunal or geometric designs are welcome if they are subtle. Once you have something you like, please shoot me a snapshot so I can weigh in."

Now that you know what the dresses will be like (sort of). It is time to talk about the people that will be occupying said dresses. I wanted to choose friends who have been present with me during significant stages of my life. So the women I asked to be my bridesmaids are like a living timeline. I have one friend from middle school, one from high school and one from college etc. Let me give you some brief introductions.

1. Lisa
Travelling to Wedding From: Travelling to Wedding From:
Lisa is a friend from back home in Frydlant. She was in my father's sixth grade class when I was 3. We became friends when she moved to Frydlant after having married a colleague of my dad's. Our time together is usually chatting in her apartment while her children play on the carpet. Being with her and in her home always feels cozy and inviting, whether we are talking about serious things or not. She is calming, smart and caring. I am really grateful that she is taking time away from her home in Czech to come.

2. Barbora
Travelling to Wedding From: Czech Republic
This is my closest friend from art high school in the Czech Republic. She and I were like sisters during our years there. We had a musical duo which we called The Fairytale Princess Sisters. I sang and played the mandolin and Barbora played guitar or piano, depending. I am so glad that she will be able to come over for the wedding from so far away.

3. Joanna
Travelling to Wedding From: Wheaton
She has been my mainstay here at Wheaton. Joanna and I quickly befriended one another on our Freshman floor. We were both slightly older than the other girls and our somewhat dry sense of humour clicked really quickly. I call her The Tea Angel because of her love of making tea for the people she loves.

4. Audrey
Travelling to Wedding From: Texas
I have known Audrey since birth. She is several years older than I and in my younger days I idolised her as a more mature and skilled artist. I thought everything she made was amazing. When I was a fifth grader I spent a summer with her and her family in the Czech republic and we became good friends. She didn't feel like befriending a fourth grader was beneath her and I have been forever grateful for that.

5. Claire
Travelling to Wedding From: Colorado
I don't think I would have survived small-town, Czech middle school without Claire. She and I were a team through all five years. We sat together during German class and made up secret codes, even though we didn't need them since we were the only ones who spoke English. We kept each other sane in the chaos of break time when the rest of the class were being crazy and hormonal by drawing in our notebooks. She has remained a special friend to me despite our having then moved on to different schools.

All of these ladies have meaningful roles in my life even if I don't get to see them much. I think it is a sacrifice for them to come. I am so excited that they are willing to make it in order to spend this very special day with me.

Well, this wraps up another episode of The Weekend Wedding Update!


  1. Let the dress shopping begin... :)

    Also, I'm a big fan of my portrait. I look so young and fresh. Ahhhh....

  2. Such a sweet blog post Lucy! I'm just now getting caught up on your posts from the last few enjoying them, as always! :)