Saturday, December 5, 2015

Three Things - Roommate Things

I was not looking forward to my return to college after Thanksgiving at Sheldon's house. It felt hard to come down off the high of getting engaged and visiting Sheldon's family. But when I walked through the door all three of my roommates greeted me. Seeing them was a complete joy. It was like coming home to a group of sisters. Sara had brought back several make-up items from a Black Frida sale. So we clustered on the floor of our living room and tried on make-up products for an hour. There was lots of remarks like: "That colour looks stunning on you", "Sara is the only one of us who can pull off the copper tone" and "Wow. That brings out your blue eyes in a subtle, beautiful way." It felt like a scene from the novel I am reading called The Red Tent. It is historical fiction about the lives of the Old Testament patriarch Jacob's four wives. The wives form a fierce sisterhood and often spend time lovingly grooming one another in the "red tent", which is the place to which they retreat when their periods come. Today I will share with you three of the activities we do together in our apartment. 

1. Eating Fresh Banana Bread In Towels. Leya makes delicious banana bread out of all of the browning bananas we bring back from our dining hall. One night we started eating it and Hannah was still in her bath towel toga and towel turban. Someone suggested that we all wear togas and turbans while eating our bread. So we did. We sat in a row on the coach in our towels eating heavily buttered banana bread. 

2. Exercising...While Challenging Gender Norms. For some reason all of us like to work out at the gym at around the same time of the night. Usually we all wind up in the gym at 10 PM. When we go together we like to walk over to the side of the weight room usually inhabited by guys lifting barbells. We like to put our coats and keys in the cubbies on that side of the room in order to challenge the percieved gender divide within the weight room--men on the left with the free weights and barbells, women on the right with the stair-masters and bicycle machines. In fact, we even like to lift weights together.

3. Adoring Sheldon. This could sound odd. I realise that. What I mean is that I may be engaged to Sheldon, but all four of us are in love with him. Don't worry we are not trying to reenact the polygamy in the novel I mentioned above. What I am TRYING to say is that all of us enjoy having Sheldon visit our apartment, because of his peaceful and kind demeanour. He usually does some dishes when he comes. Often he comes to make dinner and offer some to anyone else who happens to be around. He is sweet and pleasant. This evening, for instance, my roommates found out that he was coming later in the evening and there was great rejoicing. "When will he get here?! We haven't seen him for two days!" 

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  1. 1. I remember liking that book. It's been awhile since I've read it, so it might be time for a reread.
    2. Your roommates sound great! I'm so glad that you have such good friends.
    3. I am so very excited to see you soon.