Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Home for the Holidays

My younger brother Paul Hugh always wants me to get out of the house when I come home. He seems to be worried that I have become a hermit. "You should go do something", is what he normally says. He is afraid that I will offend people who would enjoy hanging out with me. But the truth is that when I get home over Christmas or Summer vacations I am usually a) super tired after the end of the semester and b) I genuinely enjoy being alone or just with my family. Being at home is exciting to me. I love walking around our small town and looking at colours and shapes. I can linger in the grocery store for way longer than PH, because I have become fascinated by things that I used to find boring. 

Since I have been back in Czech one of my main activities have been getting caught up with Mad Men with my mother. This is a show which only she and I out of our family watch. I waited to finish the show until I got home so that we could watch together. It has been very satisfactory to have a Mad Men buddy. We have been geeking out over it. Both of us consider it the pinnacle of television writing intelligence as well as an exquisite specimen of period drama. 

The other thing I have been doing is eating at random times of day due to jet-lag. My food of choice are sugar waffles with cookie paste and microwave poached eggs. What is cookie paste? It is caramel cookies which have been blended to form a substance of a peanut butter consistency. Does anything sound better? And what are microwave poached eggs? They are exactly what they sound like. How do you make them? I will give you a recipe. I have never written a recipe for my blog. This seems like a good time to do so. Such fun. 

I eat all the time at school, because eggs are one of the only things that I buy for my dorm. So when I am hungry between meals they are often the only food I have. I realise that this makes me sound kind of sad. Don't feel bad for me. If I needed food I would buy it. I purposefully try not to buy food at school so that I make the most of the meal plan that my parents buy for me. 

Well, this has been rather random. I hope you have enjoyed this episode of Lucy Rose Types Somewhat Random Things Onto Her Blog for the Entire Universe to Read. Hooray for the Interwebs! 

I am having technical difficulties involving my scanner and the internet. I will add the drawings for this post tomorrow!

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