Saturday, October 24, 2015

Photos From My Rainy Weekend

It is a rainy day. I woke up to drizzles and greyness. I felt cozy and glad about the weather and the fact that it was a Saturday. Saturday mornings are my absolute favourite. I stretched like a cat and rolled out of bed. I opened up a cool book of art that one of my professor's lent me and made espresso with my birthday moka pot form my parents. After that I Skyped with my parents for a while and then watched a movie called the The Virgin Suicides. It is a beautiful film about what it is like to be a young girl. (WARNING: it is not suitable for young audiences.) The shots were gorgeous and simple. The cinematography reminded me of another film I love: American Beauty

By looking the two films up on IMDb I discovered that they were both made in 1999. That makes me wonder what was going on at that time that two prominent films were made which both felt the need to address teen, female sexuality and repression in suburbia. Hmm...Well, in each film I am drawn to the cinematography, because it takes the bareness and uniformity of suburban environments and captures them in a way that makes them look lush and lovely like paintings by Edward Hooper.  
After watching the film I felt like taking photos of everything. So here are my phone photos from this rainy day. I hope you enjoy them. 


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