Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend Photos of Wheaton


Dear Friends, 

I took these photos on Friday afternoon. I was done babysitting and done with classes 
for the day so I had that luxurious sense of promise and freedom that accompanies a crisp, Fall afternoon. I wandered around on my bicycle trying to decide how to spend my wealth of free time. I ended up taking these photos. I was inspired by the things I was seeing around me in the town. I was fascinated by the concrete structures of flowers beds which line sidewalks. The colour and material of the concrete as contrasted with the foliage of the bushes appealed to me for some reason. 

I was similarly drawn to the way the toes of my leather shoes matched the brick walkway. I thought the sign in the window of the former Vietnamese restaurant where Sheldon and I have been on two of our 7 restaurant dates was both humorous and bittersweet. Something about fact that they gave any explanation at all for leaving and the way they did it so matter-of-factly touched me. 

You can tell that I have not used a brilliant camera for these shots. I used my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and the Aviary photo editing app. High tech, eh? I may have been a little overzealous in the editing department. But I enjoyed playing with the colour balance in each photo. I am especially fond of the funny colours of the first photo and the white balloon in the second. Something about that white ballon hits the spot for me colour-wise. 

Have a lovely weekend, 
Lovely Readers.

Lucy Rose


  1. You know I love this. I actually really like the way you played with the color in the first photo! I was drawn to it right away. And the one of the restaurant made me giggle! How honest and satisfying to everyone's curiosity.

    1. Thank you so much, Claire. You are someone whose photography I really admire, so words from you on this score mean a whole lot!