Sunday, July 19, 2015

My First Illustration Friday Post!

Hey Pals,

Yesterday I posted my first drawing to the website Illustration Friday. Each week the site chooses a topic and then hundreds of illustrators can post their illustrative interpretation of that topic. This week's theme was "Treasure". 

Here is my contribution:

I used a felt tip pen in a size 0.3. To draw the hands I took photos of my own hands in the position I wanted. For one of them I had my little brother Isaac take the photo. I am most pleased with the hands in the third panel, because they look fairly anatomically correct, while still being loosely drawn. The second hand is too rigid and I feel like you can kinda tell that I was working from a photo. Does that make sense?

My goal is to become a regular artist on Illustration Friday. You guys can hold me to it. Politely. I know how crazy vicious all you readers can get.

Lucy Rose

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