Friday, June 12, 2015

England: London Sketches

Dear Friends,

We left London a couple of days ago. We lost internet access for the past little while. I wanted to show you the last sketches I did during my London stay, however.

1. These two pages are from a run I went on through the city and over Millennium bridge. I took my sketchbook and a pen. I also had a phone, my driver's licence and i-Pod stuffed down my spots bra. It was very lumpy and looked a bit odd. Anyway, I would run a few hundred metres and then stop for a sketch.  I can't say that it yielded beautiful or inspiring artistic results, because I was rushed and felt the need to get actual exercise. These tow images are of some people mudlarking. What is that? Look here to find out. 

2. This is a page of sketches I did during a lecture on Dorothy L. Sayers plays in the crypt of St. Paul's cathedral. We heard about these plays she wrote. 

3. This is a quickie I did at the Shakespeare Globe production of The Merchant of Venice. Very hurried and not great, but there you have it! Such a fun experience. 

I've gotta run back to our hostel for dinner. Bye for now!


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