Friday, May 22, 2015

Some Instagram Drawings

Dear Friends,

Whereas I have been neglecting my blogging duties I have been more prolific on Instagram. For those of you who do not follow me on that particular form of social media I have decided to give you a sample of some of the drawings I have put up recently. Sometimes the stuff I post there and the stuff I post here crosses over, but usually not.

I hope you enjoy these randomly assorting drawings and doodles!

Lucy Rose

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1. This is a drawing of Jane Austen that I put on my notebook for my Austen class. It has been getting me lots of compliments from the other Austenians in class. Score.

2. This is a cartoon I drew during the safety and travel course which my college requires for students who study abroad. This is the protocol for being mugged: Just give them your stuff and don't try to take anyone on (Unless you know Krav Maga...)

3. This is a sketch I made in Arkansas with Jo. We were having lunch in a Thai restaurant. I used some sauces from our food to colour it! Except the purple. That was a pen. Jo's brother in law thought my painting with food was the funniest and weirdest thing he had ever seen. "You are very weird, Lucy Rose. I don't think I have ever met anyone quite as odd. But it's a good kind of weird." Thanks, Bo. 

4. I drew this for my Mother at Mother's Day. 

5. This is a lovely landscape I drew while Jo was in the vet's with her dog Pearl. I had a lovely hour to do it in. It reminded me of the olden days in art high school when we would start off each school year by going somewhere out in the country to have plein air drawing for a solid week. It was the greatest. Usually we would grab our paints and pencils in the morning and wander off to draw all day. We would then gather in the evening to show each other our work. I miss that and my friends. 

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