Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sketching Tips: Part V

Dear People,

Today I have one last post in my series on sketching. Pretty soon I will be leaving for England and writing about that!

Here is my last tip:

Be around people who sketch.

Do it together or as we like to say at Wheaton "in community". I have to admit that I do not do this as proactively as I should. But it is seriously helpful to be around people who are being creative. It always makes me want to be creative too, even if I have had a dry streak.

For instance every time I set foot in Sheldon's art studio during this past year I would get a creativity boost. I wanted to go out and create because I was excited by the things that he was working on. He had quotes taped to his wall. He had pinecones and bits of twisted metal he had found by the railroad tracks sitting on the table. Over his window he had taped a piece of paper with holes in it, which made everything you saw through the window seem like a stop-motion video. In one corner of the table were cups that held pencils, chopsticks and a quill feather. Here is a link for you to view Sheldon's art work.

Here are some ideas for finding those people who can inspire you:

1. Ask Your Friends: Who do you know that creates stuff? Do you know someone who is constantly crafting? My friend Lisa is always working on a new project when I visit her home. She sews and makes cards. Being around her makes me itch to get out a needle and start working! Do you know someone who has a job in the design field? Ask if you could hang out and sketch together. Ask to visit their studio space.

2. The Library: Go to the oversized books section of the library and just browse art books. Pick out whatever attracts you whether it be as serious as a compilation of Degas sketches or a children's picture book telling you how to draw trucks (this is one of my personal favourites). I like to browse my library's graphic novel section and look for new authors (here is my latest discovery, it's not for kids though). If you have a stinky library (basically if you live in my hometown!) this step is tricky. In this case I would move on to my next tip...

3. The Internet: There are so many creative people here on the internet. It can be daunting to find the good people, however. Here is a site I newly discovered, which allows you to view a LOT of creative work from good artists and then you can follow a link to their websites.

These tips are pretty basic and you probably thought of them yourselves! I just want to stress the whole community thing. It a principle which applies to so many other aspects of life, but one which we may not think of in terms of drawing - It's easier to work out with a buddy or to go on a diet with a friend or to go to study for a test together.

I hope this is encouraging.

Lucy Rose

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