Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to remember some of my favourite memories of my mother today. 

Here they are:

1. Reading to Me at Great Harvest Bread
My mom was very thrifty to be living off of a private school teacher's budget in one of the most wealthy neighbourhoods in the Chicago area. She had all sorts of tricks for saving money and still having fun with her kids. One of my favourites was when we would visit a bakery which gave free sample slices of bread. They also had a great big window seat and many picture books. we would spend an hour or so reading there. 

 2. The Grumpy Dulcimer Face
My mother is very musical. She taught herself to play the lap dulcimer and the hammer dulcimer when she was a teenager. She would play a lot when we were kids. We were always very scared of her when she played because she wore a very serious knit-brow expression. We thought she was very angry. Turns out she was just concentrating.

 3. Hair Brushing Sessions
Ug. These were rough. My hair was extremely curly and thick. It got so tangly and it would take a very long time to brush out. It was torture for my mother to clamp me between her knees and brush down.

4. Hours of Jillian Michaels Workouts
My mom is my work-out buddy. She got me into doing workout videos with her a few years ago. Even though it's kind of cheesy, they have actually changed my body from being skinny and weak to being strong. I miss getting to work out with her. 

5. Keeping Necco Wafers in Your Purse
I don't think these are your favourite candy any more, but you always used to have them in your purse. You would dispense them to us every once in a while. It was great. My least favourite were the brown chocolate ones and the black liquorice ones. My favourites were the white mint ones and the pink ones.

6. The Nose Ring
This is a random and old memory. One time our church had a carnival day where everyone dressed up like characters from the Bible. You and Dad dressed like Isaac and Rebecca. You wore the ring from a Mrs. Potato Head in your nose just like Rebecca's. I think you dressed me as a tree. 


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