Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Arkansas Adventure Day Five

Dear People,

Here are some sketches that I made today. The first is of my friend Joanna sitting on the porch this afternoon. She was wearing her yoga pants and a giant comfy sweatshirt fro her boyfriend. That is why she looks so bunchy. 

The second is an odd sketch I made when we walked down to a beautiful, frog-infested pond on Joanna's property. Apparently the frogs are called "Spring Peepers". This is because they make a loud noise with their throats. It is a surprisingly loud noise for frogs the size of quarters. I like to call them "Spring Loud Raspy Croakers". 

The last sketch is the dogs. They move around a lot, so their faces are not great. 

I'll see you all tomorrow, my friends. 

Lucy Rose

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