Thursday, May 14, 2015

Arkansas Adventure Day Seven Part II

This evening Joanna and I planned a meal and cooked it together. It is one of those things that we have always said we wanted to do together, but it is just another thing for which we never have time at school.

Here's a short list of some of those things:
- Cook Together (Check!)
- Watch Episodes of Miranda Hart's Show
- Go Hiking
- Make Macaroons 
- Take a Martial Arts Class
- Go For a Joy Ride While Blasting Music

Yesterday Joanna got out her big Julia Child cookbooks and a couple others. She sat down in a big chair and began to map out our plans for our dinner. We decided on this menu:

I am currently digesting this gourmet meal and Joanna just slipped away to change into a looser fitting garment in order to accommodate the recentness expansion of her waistline. She toiled for four hours on this meal. I helped a lot, but she really did the bulk of the work. We shared it with two of her six sisters, her mother and a special family friend. 

It was like Babette's Feast, in the amount of work it took to prepare, the artistry and in the special fellowship of friends it provided. That film is actually the first one Sheldon and I ever watched together. I even think it was before we were officially dating. 

Babette, AKA Joanna


  1. I would have loved this day! And that list is pretty fantastic too. ;) Miss you, dear friend!

  2. Thanks, Claire! I think you would have been a wonderful addition to this day. I miss you too.